Ad Grants for
Non Profits

Maximize your Organization’s Reach & Impact: Boost Audience, Donors & Volunteers through Ad Grants, promotion, and management.

"Unleash Your Organization's Full Potential: Maximize Value & Impact!"

Ad Grants program provides access to $10,000 USD or more for advertisement every month on Google Search text ads & this helps you:

Raise awareness for your cause

Reach supporters when they use Google Search. With Ad Grants, your ads can show up when people use keywords relevant to your nonprofit.

Drive more website views and activity

Drive online traffic to your website for fundraising, recruiting volunteers, and more.

Reach the people who need your help

Make sure people searching for your services on Google can find your nonprofit.

Track your nonprofit marketing efforts

Combine Ad Grants with the power of Google Analytics to measure and understand your organization’s online marketing performance.

You're already creating positive change, Let us partner with you to do more, FASTER.

Spend More of Your $10k per Month

If your Ad Grants account is struggling to serve ads and get spend away productively, we are here to help. In our experience getting multiple accounts to reach the full $10k per month, success starts with strategy, i.e. determining where it fits in your digital marketing mix and how it can best contribute, and then extends to account configuration, management and optimisation. As your Google Ads partner, we’ll together overcome these challenges so you consistently spend more and generate high-quality conversion actions in the process.

Balance Grant and Paid Advertiment

Many advertisers choose to maintain both a ‘Grants’ and ‘Paid’ Google Ads Account, which we recommend. The challenge these advertisers face is using each to its strengths and full potential. The ideal scenario is for Grants to be showing wherever possible with Paid supplementing and extending. However, we frequently see situations where Ad Grants and Paid aren’t configured this way and end up operating in silos. We can help you address this so you get more value from both your Ad Grants and Paid spend on an ongoing basis.

Help With Landing Pages & Assets

From ads to landing pages, email sequences, SEO, content, copywriting and everything in-between, the team at Reef has the capabilities to support you across all the major requirements for successful digital marketing campaigns. We work closely with you and your in-house team to give you additional capacity and capability, becoming a specialised extension and external viewpoint for you.

Explore Additional Ad Grants

To give you greater reach beyond the Google Ad Grants program, you may benefit from additional Ads Grants such as the Microsoft Ads For Social Impact programme which gives you up to the $3k/USD per month. As your PPC agency partner, we can you help find and benefit from these lesser-known programs to maximise your impact and results.

Reach more donors online with Ad Grant Program

Attract donors, raise awareness for your organization, and recruit volunteers with in-kind advertising on Google Search.
You’ll receive $10,000 USD for advertising from Google each month to create text-based ads, and get access to tools to help you build effective campaigns that can display on Google Search when people look for information related to your nonprofit.

Managing Google Ad Grants for Busy Charities and Nonprofits

We understand that your schedule is already quite packed. At Weblab, we are a certified professional in Google Ad Grants with years of experience, which means we have an efficient process for achieving results and saving you time.

What is Google Ad Grants?

Before you start the enrollment process, you need to be clear on what exactly you’re applying for.

Put simply, Google Grants (also known as Ad Grants or Google Ad Grants) is a program where Google provides eligible nonprofits with an in-kind donation of $10,000 in monthly ads funding.

But let’s back up even further—what exactly are Google Ads in the first place?

Google Ads are the paid search results that appear at the top of your search results screen based on the keywords included in your query.

Google Grant Recipients: Key Parameters to Boost Results

1. $2 Max Bidding Cap: Ensure Effective Spending.
2. Relevant Keywords Only: Align with Your Cause.
3. No High-Traffic or General Terms: Focus on Impactful Ads.

Why apply for the Google Ad Grant?

Google Ad Grants is a valuable marketing tool that most nonprofits can benefit from with minimal risk. This program allows you to reach thousands (or even millions) of potential supporters every day with your message and mission. This is a great opportunity to increase your visibility and impact.

With Google Ads Grant, Your NGO Experiences:

Increased visibility and reach for your organisation.
Increased traffic to your site’s important landing pages.
More people are aware of your donating options.
Free online content marketing
Online donations, volunteer sign-ups, event registrations, and mailing list subscriptions are all possible.
You may utilise your advertising to achieve practically any purpose you have in mind, depending on your particular Google Ad Grants management plan.

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